The second book in the 'Avenger' series is out!

Commander Corrigan and the renegade crew of the covert warship, Avenger, have spent long weeks wreaking havoc and mayhem on Earth’s enemy, the Belt Confederation. The Belter fleet is scattered across space in the hunt for Avenger and her crew, leaving an opportunity to strike at the heart of the enemy’s interstellar empire, the resource world of Lemuria, home of the wealthiest deposits of rare elements in all of space. A world critical to the Belter economy, critical to their war machine. Should Lemuria fall, the war with the Belt could be brought to a speedy end. 

But nothing is ever as it first appears, and deception and treachery remain the most potent weapons in the Belter arsenal. 

Under orders from Fleet Intelligence, Commander Corrigan are sent to exploit this temporary weakness, knowing that it is a trap, knowing that the enemy will stop at nothing to not merely destroy Avenger, but to use the experimental technologies at her disposal to defeat Earth. The odds are all but hopeless. Defeat all but certain. Yet the prize is worth the risk, worth the cost. If Commander Corrigan and his crew can beat those odds once more, and find a path to victory once more…