Exiles of Earth

Exiles of Earth 1: Rebellion
Two centuries after the Last World War destroyed all civilization on Earth, the Commonwealth of Mars, ruled by the tyrannical Fifty Families, and the cyber-communists of the Outer Planets Coalition fight for dominance, waging a war across the depths of interstellar space for glory and plunder. The warships of the Interplanetary Guard fight the Coalition Fleet on a dozen fronts, the odds against victory growing greater by the day. Rebel groups gather their forces to overthrow their despotic rulers, willing to risk everything in the cause of freedom, the sinister Watchmen fighting them at every turn.

The game is changed by the discovery of a lost colony, settled by refugees fleeing the holocaust on Earth, far beyond explored space. A historical curiosity becomes a strategic priority, and the Scout Cruiser Endurance is dispatched under the aegis of the Commonwealth’s Interplanetary Guard. With orders to bring the forgotten outpost of humanity into the war, by treaty or by force, before the Coalition arrives. Treachery and tyranny march hand in hand as Endurance and her crew venture into uncharted space, an enemy fleet at their heels, knowing that the only reward for failure is certain death – either at the hands of the Coalition, or by order of the autocrats of Mars…

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