Strike Commander

The Strike Commander series occupies the same fictional universe as the ‘Battlecruiser Alamo’ series, featuring a new cast of characters and an independent plot. Originally, it was to stand completely alone, but upon the conclusion of this series I incorporated some of the characters and plot threads into the main storyline; one of my favorite characters in the Alamo series was introduced here. While occupying the same universe as Battlecruiser Alamo, it stands completely alone, with no prior knowledge of the other books in the series required.

Major Jack Conway, ace fighter pilot, has been running since the end of the Interplanetary War. When his freighter stumbles across a conspiracy involving a long-forgotten alien empire and a cabal led by a ruthless Admiral willing to slaughter everyone that stands in their way, he can run no longer. Now he must rally his crew of rogues and renegades in a battle to the death, with the fate of all mankind hanging in the balance...

Hunted and betrayed, Jack Conway and the renegade crew of the Covert Carrier Churchill are racing the forces of a rogue Admiral to find the lost homeworld of the Stygians, an ancient alien race wiped out in a war of genocide uncounted centuries ago. The trail leads to a struggling outpost on the edge of known space, Sinaloa Colony, a world facing a threat to its very existence from marauding raiders in the service of their mutual enemies. As battles rage in the depths of space and through the alleys of Sinaloa, can Jack and his crew find the secret they seek, or will the traitorous cabal they face beat them to the prize?

For months, Captain Jack Conway and the crew of the Covert Carrier Churchill have been on the trail of an extinct alien race, seeking to find the secret of their destruction, a weapon powerful enough to wipe out an interstellar civilization. Now the hunt takes him to Omega Base, the fortress of the renegade Admiral Knight, on a desperate mission against impossible odds to save the Triplanetary Confederation. Even if it costs him the life of his daughter, held hostage on the base he must destroy..

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