The Journey Thus Far...

Sorry, Kull has been postponed again. Maybe tomorrow. (Though this is beginning to turn into a running gag...I'll try and get to him. Trouble is I really want to do him proper justice...this might end up as a multi-part. Maybe the weekend.)

I'm rambling. The point is, that this blog now apparently has readers! I know, I was as shocked as you. Well, two of them have pointed out that I have yet to mention the books I already have on sale, and suggested that this should be my top priority. For the benefit of this duo, a quick run-through the four books I have already released...

One False Step is, thus far, my only non-fiction release, and given that it is a history of spaceflights that never happened, it does skirt the boundaries a bit. It covers topics such as the US Army's bid to put a nuclear missile base on the moon, sending astronauts to Venus as early as 1973, and the failed Russian effort to land a man on the moon. Many of these topics have never been properly covered in book form before; so this is a chance to take a look!

Dreams of Ancient Empires is my only fantasy piece released to date; one reader described it to me as a 'good old fashioned romp', another called it 'classic fantasy writing at it's very best' which certainly made me happy that day! My first published attempt at the sword & sorcery genre, this book follows the adventures of Altor, a barbarian warrior, in his bid to place his oldest friend on the throne of his stolen kingdom through the recovery of a long-lost crown...fighting serpent men, pirates and foul sorcery along the way.

I released two books in the 'Logan Winter' series last year also; this is for those of you who enjoy Firefly, the tales of a roguish hero enjoying wine, women and song while looking out for his own skin in as profitable a manner as possible. His first adventure, 'Picture Worth A Thousand Stars' finds him on the trail of a long-lost painting as his partner dies in his arms; his second, 'Malware Blues' sees him sent to rescue a Senator's daughter from a 'hive of scum and villany', but of course, nothing here is as it seems...

One False Step (Amazon US / UK)
Dreams of Ancient Empire (Amazon US / UK)
Picture Worth a Thousand Stars (Amazon US / UK)
Malware Blues (Amazon US / UK)

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