State of Play: May 2013

Today I passed a milestone...just about scraped past, but this month I have managed a hundred thousand words of intended-for-publication writing! I only realized that I was closing in on it yesterday, and I admit – pushed myself a little bit to get over the mark. So the statistics for this month's output are as follows:

Words: 100,453
Completed Books: 1 (Price of Admiralty)
Published Books: 0
Sales: 0

Next month, my goal is to obviously complete 'Not One Step Back' and ideally get them both up on Amazon, as well as get started on either 'Fermi's War', the next Battlecruiser Alamo book, or the first Hyperborea book – I haven't decided yet, and probably won't until I've finished 'Not One Step Back'.

Guess I'd better get on with it.

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