Two Days To Go...

I'm ready.

At least, near as dammit. On Monday, I start work on the second book in the Battlecruiser Alamo series, 'Not One Step Back'. (The story of how this was originally the first – and the three radically different drafts written under that title – I will leave for another day.) I'll be writing this book whilst I am revising the first, and my current plan is to put 'Price of Admiralty' a few days after I finish the draft of 'Step'. I had originally planned to alternate books, the first idea to get my sword-and-sorcery 'Hyperborea' series out of the starting gate, but somehow, when I got around halfway through 'Admiralty', that idea rather went by the wayside. I was starting to really like these characters, starting to really like the setting, and the last five days – which I forced myself to take as a break while I did other things – have been very strange. I want to be working in this universe again – especially as the feedback has been pretty good so far. (Very nice experience, and one that has settled an awful lot of nerves.) I think this is probably a pretty good thing!

My planned reading has a little gone by the board this week. Right now I'm going through 'Bernice Summerfield: The Inside Story', which could be described in many was as a closet history of the 'New Adventures' series of Doctor Who novels. None of which I have ever read. I'm reading it more for the evolution of setting and character concepts, the ongoing plot arcs and threads, and the like; this is all good stuff, and I'm finding it extremely useful when considering the potential future of what I am calling the 'Triplanetary' setting...for I don't necessarily intend that there will be only one series in that setting ultimately. Being on the threshold of the second book is probably a bit early to consider spin-offs...but if it takes off, it might well be a sensible idea, especially as characters start to get more and more lives of their own.

I think that loosely, I could describe the four books I have in mind now as an 'introduction'. All self-contained stories, of course, but with themes and arcs running through them that I hope to last for a long time, though one of them will be brought to something of a conclusion in the fourth book. (Something of a conclusion; I still hope to leave room for future extension of that particular plot line, and I don't want to go too deep into details.) The idea is to evolve the setting someone, to lay out characters, arcs and stories – to build a solid foundation for future works. That the theme of colonization, in one form or another, seems to be taking hold as a major part of all four of them is something of an accident, it wasn't really intended that way, but it seems to be moving in that direction. I won't know for sure until after book 4, of course, but calling this the 'Colonization' Arc is probably not a bad idea. (And the second arc will definitely be 'Exploration'. Lots of those stories to tell!)

Going to be hitting the early 19th century pretty heavily next month, and during the writing of 'Step' in particular, as it is still the source of an awful lot of my inspiration. And that darn dissertation has certainly scratched an itch that I want to satisfy, not a small thing by any stretch of the imagination! I think there are about a dozen books to get through (I will try and review them – I have rather failed at that so far, but as this blog gets into its second month, that's something I intend to remedy.) Getting close to my first 'State of the Writer' monthly post as well, on May 31st...that's something to think about as well. It would be nice to have managed more than a hundred thousand words in the month...a nice milestone to aim for, I think. (Currently, I intend to write two chapters and revise two of the previous chapters in a day – should be attainable. Then do the final proof-read...and get the darn thing up on Amazon!)

Career History, Lieutenant-Captain Daniel Marshall

Service History
1/2153: Attends Prometheus City Military Academy, Flight Training Specialist
2/2154: Assigned as Fighter Pilot, Tenth Interceptor Squadron, MSS Wright
6/2154: Assigned as Acting Flight Leader, Tenth Interceptor Squadron, MSS Wright
1/2155: Assigned as Flight Leader, Tenth Interceptor Squadron, MSS Osiris
9/2155: Assigned as Acting Squadron Leader, Tenth Interceptor Squadron, MSS Osiris
4/2156: Assigned as Squadron Leader, Tenth Interceptor Squadron, MSS Curtiss
9/2156: Assigned as Acting Wing Commander, Third Interceptor Wing, Phobos Station
1/2157: Assigned as Squadron Leader, Seventh Interceptor Squadron, MSS Yeager
4/2157: Assigned as Officer-In-Charge, Prospero Orbital Depot
7/2157: Attends Test Pilot School, Carter City, Callisto
4/2158: Assigned as Test Pilot, Fifteenth Experimental Squadron, Deimos Station
7/2158: Assigned as Deputy Project Pilot, XP-15 Crossbow
1/2160: Attends Prometheus City Military Academy, Staff College
7/2160: Assigned as Flight Leader, Ninth Patrol Squadron, MSS Wright
9/2161: Assigned as Deputy Operations Officer, MSS Wright
7/2162: Assigned Prometheus City Military Academy, Instructor in Small Ship Tactics
1/2164: Assigned as Squadron Leader, Twelfth Interceptor Squadron, MSS Curtiss

4/2165: Transfers to Triplanetary Fleet
5/2165: Assigned as Commanding Officer, TSS Alamo

Dates of Rank
1/2153: Third Lieutenant, Martian Space Service
1/2154: Second Lieutenant, Martian Space Service (Wartime)
5/2154: Second Lieutenant, Martian Space Service
6/2154: First Lieutenant, Martian Space Service (Wartime)
9/2155: Captain, Martian Space Service (Wartime)
9/2156: Major, Martian Space Service (Wartime)
4/2157: First Lieutenant, Martian Space Service
7/2160: Captain, Martian Space Service
1/2165: Major, Martian Space Service

4/2165: Lieutenant-Captain, Triplanetary Fleet

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