Lucky, er... Sixteen

The original title of the blog was supposed to be commemorating my thirteenth sale – however, I managed to be rather tardy in posting this, so the title rather suffers. I sent Price of Admiralty up to Amazon last night, with the expectation that it would be available for sale sometime early this morning. My plan had been to send it off, try the best I could go have a good night's sleep, then deal with all the logistics in the morning. That was my plan, but Amazon thwarted it in a rather brilliant way by, well...making it available for sale in less than five hours. Lightning speed compared with what I had been expecting, certainly nothing to complain about, but it gave me a very exciting night.

I'll be honest, I was mentally prepared for the book not to sell at all. I've seen enough reports of people with books – good books – who don't sell a single copy, that I was prepared to be among that same throng, but selling sixteen copies in the first twenty-four hours is a pretty decent start for me. I'm certainly satisfied with it, though the trick now will be to see how it holds up over time. I'm naturally hoping that it does, obviously! Makes me feel a lot better about the second book, already written and waiting. I'm resisting the temptation to rush it out now, instead going ahead with my plan to release on the 27th of July. I've already planned some publicity for around then.

And on the 1st of July, of course, I start to write the third book! Assuming I can break away from checking out my sales long enough, of course. This opens up a trilogy, and really kicks the setting into overdrive – the two novels I have written really serve as an introduction to the characters and the setting, giving me things to play with in the future, and some of those elements are going to start to play out in the next three books. I have a schedule for the next six books – and only three of them are Battlecruiser Alamo, though all of them are in the same setting. The trilogy comes first, which sets up the playground for the spin-off series I've been working on – same universe, different characters and emphasis. Right now I'm planning 'Espatiers', 'Fighter Pilots' and 'Xenoarchaeologists', though I'm not going to go into many more details on them right now, as they are still rather up in the air.

My next priority is to finish work on my 'series bible'. I'll write more about that tomorrow, and probably will even post a PDF of it.

I've got to go and click on KDF Select again now to see how I'm doing. Well, I don't have to, but...

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