Tip of the Spear is Out!!!

A revolution has erupted across the planet Jefferson, an uprising that the Battlecruiser Alamo helped begin. Lieutenant-Captain Marshall and his crew, in a desperate bid to prevent the rebellion collapsing before it can begin, must fight a war against the forces of the Cabal in the jungles and seas of the planet, while the engineers race to repair the damage to the ship before an approaching spacecraft that destroy it, stranding them on the planet forever. Now the crew of Alamo face enemies on every front, in a desperate bid to get the information they have gathered back to the Confederation while there is still time...


  1. Why are you keeping your books exclusively Amazon? Google books are pretty good. By the by, love the series! Keep up the amazing work.

  2. I'm currently in the KDP Select program with Amazon - that requires exclusivity, but I am considering moving to other format soon. Glad you are enjoying the series!