A Little Bit of Research

Preparations are still ongoing on my next project, starting in just a week's time. I always like to start a new book on New Year's Day; with a bit of luck I will be spending the whole day writing. I've picked up a few fantasy fiction books for the purposes of research from Noble Knight; fingers crossed they will arrive sometime early in the new year, which will permit me to review them for the blog. What are they, you ask? Mage's Blood and Old Bones, Maze of Peril, and Black Festival. All books I've been meaning to pick up for a while in any case...looking forward to reading them. It's been a while since I ordered from Noble Knight, but I've always had nothing but a great experience with them, so I'll flag that here...

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  1. Some excellent fantasy books I've read recently were the "Nightrunner" series by Lynn Flewelling, and the Ancient Blades trilogy by David Chandler. Wonderful stuff.