Not One Step Back and Swords of the Damned are out!!!

You wait ages for a book, and then two come along at once! I can now announce that Battlecruiser Alamo #5: Not One Step Back and Swords of the Damned are both now available for sale on Amazon in Kindle format; hardcopy versions of the latter to follow in the near future, details to be available later.

Swords of the Damned
Morcar, a professional adventurer down on his luck, is shanghaied into attempting his riskiest mission yet – venturing into the labyrinthine tunnels underneath the ancient city of Graybarrow. Accompanied by a band of desperate renegades and rogues, he faces both the dangers of the unknown depths and a force that lies beyond death itself, with cultists and warriors on his trail. Can he conquer the Swords of the Damned, or is he destined to join their ranks...

Not One Step Back
The Battlecruiser Alamo is despatched on a secret mission, to track down the hidden homeworld of the sinister Cabal, by any means necessary. Their first port of call is Spitfire Station, a smuggler's port terrorized by a group of space raiders indiscriminately hunting down civilian ships, with a secret base hidden in the one place in the system Alamo dare not go. Can Lieutenant-Captain Daniel Marshall and his crew complete their daring mission, and perhaps uncover a web of corruption reaching back to the heart of the Triplanetary Confederation, or will their quest to hunt down the Cabal end at Spitfire Station...

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