The latest Battlecruiser Alamo is on sale!

Once again, the Battlecruiser Alamo has ventured into unexplored territory, following reports of a missing starship that could hold the key to victory in the coming conflict. Discovering a long-forgotten enclave of refugees from Earth under attack, Fleet Captain Daniel Marshall and his crew must join forces with enemies old and new in a desperate fight for survival, the last echoes of a ten thousand-year conflict for the conquest of a slowly dying world, to be decided by one last battle…

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  1. Sweet!

    *hammers 'buy now' button*

  2. Hm, doesn't seem to work. The Amazon US button gives a 404, and I can't find for it when I search at Amazon directly?

  3. Not sure what happened there; the link worked fine when I tested it last night. I've changed it to the below; that seems to work.

  4. The .ca link worked perfectly, just FYI :)