A short update...

Well, at long last I've managed to finish 'Forbidden Seas'. I say 'long last' because the eventual draft took less than half of the time I spent working on it. Lots of false starts again on this one, and the plot completely altered once again. It's paid off, though, because as a result I've got Alamo on a nice little story arc now, and the 'not-men' menace returns with an absolute vengeance in this book. Expect to see it on the electronic bookshelves in a few days time!

The question of 'what's next' is, as ever, foremost on my mind, and I've decided that it is long past time for another spinoff series, the first of which should be on sale sometime towards the end of May. I'll be starting work on it next week, though I've been plotting and planning this one for some time. It will be set in the usual Triplanetary universe, though with a completely independent set of characters and separate storyline. I won't say that I'll never do any cross-over work, but certainly not for a while. I will add a caveat that one character is jumping from Alamo to the new series, but will be re-introduced; to be fair, it has been a while.

My intention with this one is to treat it as a completely independent series, that exists in the same setting. I think the universe has plenty of room for more stories, and I intend to put that to the test. The setting remains the Covert Carrier Churchill, with action, intrigue and fighter battles aplenty. Naturally, there will be a lot more of this in the coming weeks, running up to the launch.

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