Nothing Left To Lose is Out!

Commander Edward Curtis, leading a rag-tag group of rebel commandos, has successfully recaptured his old ship, the Starcruiser Polaris, fighting his way through the Federation Fleet to escape to uncharted space. Hunted across the galaxy, he elects to launch one devastating strike, an attack that, if successful, will trigger the collapse of the corrupt leadership of the Terrestrial Federation, and finally free the Colonies from oppression and tyranny.

On Earth, the forces of the Federation Parliament are preparing a counter-strike, forming a task force with orders to seek and destroy Polaris, whatever the cost or collateral damage. That force is commanded by the best tactician in the fleet, Commander Michael Curtis. Edward's son. Two of them will go into the battle. Only one of them can survive. And the winner will determine the fate of the galaxy for the next hundred years….

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