The latest book in the Lincoln's War series is out!

The USS Abraham Lincoln, the last starship in the United States Space Force, her crew stranded in a distant time when their families, their friends and their country are nothing more than a forgotten memory. Cast into the middle of a desperate conflict, their commander, Captain Forrest, takes them into battle against an alliance of foes old and new, led by the sinister Interstellar Guild, a slave empire seeking to bring all of known space under its control. With only Old Abe and her crew to stop them, Captain Forrest must risk all in her attempt to save the peoples of the galaxy from the eternal tyranny of the Guild, before they can launch their final, unstoppable conquest…


  1. Mr. Tongue, I want to tell you that I greatly enjoy your USS Abraham Lincoln series, both for the action and creativity that you bring to your writing, as well as you use of multi-syllable words. Thank you for not "dumbing-down" your writing.

    There's one suggestion I would like to make. You repeatedly mention people or things falling on the ground. Difficult to accomplish on board a starship and surrounded by vacuum. I believe you are meaning to say "deck" rather than ground.