Rest Day 1 (of 11) just wasn't working. I hit Chapter Seven, and pretty much bounced. The story was meandering too much, taking too long to get anywhere...but must important of all, the three plot arcs I was working on were just not dovetailing, and that's pretty fatal. This has already had a first draft...well, I am tonight declaring the 'second draft' completed, and will now start work on the third. Bluntly, this isn't one story, it's three, and while each of them individually is good, they do not improve as a whole. The solution is obvious – pick the one I am most interested in, and write it as a shorter book!

This has happened to me before. Though the second and third books in the 'Battlecruiser Alamo' series were two-draft, with the second being revisions and edits, nothing fundamental, the first book, 'Price of Admiralty', went through four complete drafts, the first three of which bore little resemblance – other than some names – to the finished work. That occupied most of a year, the last year I was at my old job. So...I was rather expecting this to happen...

So...the counter is reset to zero, and tomorrow or the next day – depending on how much more rethinking time I need – I will start work on the third draft, this one to be back down to 80k...which means, interesting, that despite the fact that I'm writing off five days, I expect to have the book finished a week or two earlier than I had originally planned! Essentially, what I did was write down the bits of the story that were working up in my head, and made sure they tangled together into a plot, and something I am a lot happier with.

Spoilers? One tag line. 'Crusader State on Celtic Greenland.'

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