Writing Day 3 (of 24)

An odd day, this. While it went much more according to plan, in that I started a lot earlier than normal, I only just passed five thousand for the day, though I did the two chapters I had in mind when I started. The first one was pretty difficult, I'm not sure why, looking back, but getting the flow to fit was not easy – though at least that did mean that all five of my point-of-view characters were now in play, and that the plots were all beginning to move forward. That wasn't really the problem – more that the second chapter ran short, just 2,300 words instead of the 3,000 I had planned as a minimum...and looking at it again, there wasn't really anything I could add, nothing that would not have seemed like padding, in any case. It's actually a good chapter, I'm happy with it – it is just that it went a lot faster than I'd expected.

Now, for my purposes, word counts and word limits are a somewhat artificial measure. I've targeted 140,000 words, but if it ends up running at 130,000 or 150,000, that isn't really going to be a problem. I'm not dealing with a publisher demanding a specific length, or anything like that, so I'm not going to worry about this overmuch. In fact, it might prove a little liberating; I've felt a bit that I might be setting myself a somewhat artificial stricture.

Total for today, 5,014 - 986 under target. Hopefully I'll be able to make this up tomorrow.

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