Writing Day 2 (of 24)

Yesterday didn't start well, and if anything, today was worse. With one thing and another, I didn't manage to get to my desk to start writing until after 1300, leaving me a hair under five hours to do what I had hoped to write in seven or eight. It was a bit of a struggle, but I had a slightly clearer idea of what I was doing this time, so I just about managed to get the two chapters I planned to do today. I really didn't want to fall behind on the second day of this; frankly, I've been hoping that I might manage a couple of longer days to build myself up some leeway if I need it later on. That hasn't happened yet, but...given that I managed to do the total in two-thirds the time I was calculating, I might be able to do more in later days, especially when I start to build momentum.

Two new POV characters today, and both of them had their own complications, but with the fourth chapter I was finally able to progress a story somewhat, which was a bit of a relief. The plots are all in motion now, and though I still have a POV character to introduce – which I shall do in the fifth chapter, tomorrow morning (with luck) – at least things feel like I'm moving forwards now. One thing I already have decided, and that is that I'm probably dropping down to five POVs rather than six, but with four plots rather than three. That's going to have some interesting implications with regards to balancing the story out and tying it all together at the end, but I just can't think of anything satisfactory for the sixth POV to do, at least, not in this book. Plenty for the next books once those characters are in motion. I can always add another POV later, if I feel one is needed – there are a few good candidates already.

So, the total for today is 6,158 words, 158 over my target...pretty consistent so far. Let's hope it stays that way.

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